Police Find Body In Waters Off Makapuu Beach

Phil Camero
Phil Camero

Feb 10, 2007 01:31 PM

By Leland Kim

MAKAPUU (KHNL) - A popular beach on Oahu has been off-limits to swimmers Saturday. It's all because of a gruesome discovery.  A 911 call late Friday afternoon led police to Makapuu Beach and that's where they found sharks feeding off a body.

Investigators called it a night at about 9:00 pm Friday, but KHNL News was there when search and rescue teams recovered what was left of the remains.

Officials recovered skin and other body parts early Friday evening. Helicopters help light up the ocean and keep sharks away. Police and fire teams used flashlights in their search efforts. Investigators say they have reasons to believe this was not an accident.

"At about 4:40 pm, we got a call from a woman who said her 40-year old boyfriend was distraught and threatened to jump from the Makapuu cliff," said Phil Camero, a spokesperson for the Honolulu Police Department.

Investigators believe the victim made good on his promise and jumped from the Makapuu Lighthouse. Body parts were found about 150 feet off shore from Makapuu Beach.

Even though investigation has stopped for the night, Makapuu Beach is still closed because sharks in the area make it dangerous for beachgoers. Police believe they know who the victim is, and could officially release the information in the next couple of days.