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Hoppin' Keiki

Michelle Pham Michelle Pham
Daniel Pham Daniel Pham
Shawn Coleman Shawn Coleman

By Mary Simms

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Long before the sun, these kids were up, and jumping around.

"Jump roping makes you really healthy, and it's a really fun sport to do, said Michelle Pham, a Wilson Elementary 4th grader.

In the 9 years that Wilson students have been doing 'Jump for Heart,' they've raised more than 100,000 dollars. Shawn Coleman started it after he left behind a 12 year career as a sheriff to become a P.E. teacher.

"As we started to do it, I think it began to get a little more meaningful for some who have experienced heart attack and stroke within their own families and also fundraising for the American Heart Association," said Coleman.

Last year, the state voted Coleman Hawaii's 'Elementary P.E. Teacher of the Year.' He has the student vote too.

"He's my favorite teacher because he's really supportive and he keeps us in shape and healthy," said Daniel Pham, a Wilson 5th grader.

"Hopefully, you know I can prevent a lot of the behaviors at an early age so they don't end up like some of the people I used to deal with when I was a sheriff," said Coleman.

"I like to play soccer, sometimes I play football, and I love jump roping," said Pham.

Unlike kids who stay glued to the couch or tv, these active students have some fancy tricks.

"We teach them from kindergarten, and through the years they get better and better. I think that in and of itself is a motivation for them," said Coleman.

Coleman says staying active is one of the most important parts of a child's development.

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