Lawmakers Propose Replacing Aging Aloha Stadium

Allen Nakano
Allen Nakano

HONOLULU (KHNL) Aloha Stadium is in the process of getting decked out to host the annual NFL Pro Bowl once again this weekend.

And at the same time, the state may be looking to replace the aging stadium.

This move is supported by congressman Neil Abercrombie - who says the state should build a stadium somewhere along the route of the city's proposed rail system.

It's pro bowl week and some football fans say it's the only time of the year they'll visit Aloha Stadium.

"I don't really like the stadium. The pro bowl's the only game i'll go to just because it's the NFL," says Malia Surell, a football fan.

A bill before state lawmakers calls for the state to develop a plan to build a new stadium.

"I think they should. They should start right away instead of tearing down this old one. You got to start now and how it's going to take, four or five years," says Allen Nakano, a football fan.

"Financially if it works and it's put in a place where people can access it a lot easier than the current location then I think it's a good thing,"Gary Evora, a football fan.

The cost of upgrading the existing stadium so it will last another 20 years is estimated at more than 100 million dollars.

Supporters say a better use of that money would be to invest in a new facility.

The State Land Department opposes the idea - saying it could violate the terms of the deed for the land underneath aloha stadium. but some fans say it's time for a change.