Million Dollar Listings In Kahala Sit Idle

Richard Turbin
Richard Turbin
Anita Bruhl
Anita Bruhl

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - The look of Kahala is changing. Thanks to billionaire Gensiro Kawamoto.

But some don't like the way things look now and are worried about how the future will shape up with this large landowner making some radical changes.

When you picture pricey Kahala Avenue, this is probably what pops into your mind.

Mega-mansions meticulously maintained.

Not this.

Walls knocked down, pools filled with dirt and landscaping littering the ground.

This is one of Gensiro Kawamoto's many Kahala properties.

But some neighbors are concerned these newly acquired homes are not being maintained.

"Torn down the walls, let the landscaping go, it's not a pretty thing nor is it a healthy thing," Richard Turbin, a Kahala resident.

Some concerned about these sights show up at a community meeting. Voicing frustration over negative impacts Kawamoto is already having on their community.

"I know of a home that was in escrow that was cancelled because it was behind a Kawamoto home. Cancelled and that's just the beginning," said Anita Bruhl, a resident of Kahala.

But while some may be offended by the changing look, there is no legal offense along Kahala Avenue unless these changes turn into a health and safety issue.

"We're asking the Department of Health to look into safety violations and if there are then they could cite Mr. Kawamoto," Turbin said.

Residents even admit there are other eye sores around, in addition to Kawamoto's properties.

This lot along Waialae Avenue periodically becomes a dumping ground. Who owns it? According to the neighborhood board - Kamehameha Schools.

But the difference for residents is that local land groups must listen to their concerns. Something ,they say, Kawamoto has been unwilling to do.

We did try to contact Mr. Kawamoto's attorney, but he did not return our call.