Graffiti, Trash Blanket Former Tower Records Building

Paul Asuncion
Paul Asuncion

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It once was a place where people hung out to listen to the latest music, and buy their favorite tunes. Now, the former-Tower Records location hits a sour note, becoming a magnet for junk and vandalism.

People who work in this block of 1400 Kapiolani say the abandoned building has affected the neighborhood.

"Basically the deterioration of the whole area: the trash, the graffiti, even human waste being piled up around the vicinity," said Paul Asuncion, who works next door to the empty building.

Birds feast on trash that has spilled over to the ground, just yards away from some restaurants.

"I just feel bad for the merchants that are around this area because who wants to go and eat at some restaurant after walking by a pile of trash," said Asuncion.

Since the record store closed, new graffiti pops up on a regular basis. Some people even use the parking lot as a bathroom.

"Bottom line: it's an eye sore," said Asuncion. "Not only an eye sore, but it's a nose sore if you know what I mean."

There are no signs for a property management company on the premises. Neighbors just want the mess to go away.

"I hope someone takes notice to clean it up," said Asuncion.

Walgreens, a mainland-based pharmacy chain, is scheduled to take over the location.