Two Miniature Horses Found

Monica Cooper
Monica Cooper

WAIANAE (KHNL) - Honolulu Police investigate the disappearance of two miniature horses that belong to a disabled boy.

The family has yet to be reunited with the animals.

The miniature ponies are the Cooper family pets. The animals got mixed up in an eviction and were taken from Waianae to the North Shore without permission.

12 year old Bronson Cooper has unusual pets. He has two miniature horses named Revival and Fire.

He and his brother Ray, laugh about the time Bronson tired to ride the friskier Fire. Bronson says,

"I rode him once and he bucked me off." Ray adds, he was riding him and gave him the signal and went up top of hill and stopped and Bronson flew over his head."

The minis were a gift to Bronson from an organization called "Personal Ponies." They give horses to disabled children.

Bronson's mom Monica Cooper explains, I worked for two years to get them here. Personal Ponies, they have applications and screening.

But someone took the minis from their Waianae pasture during an eviction two weeks ago.

A frantic Monica Cooper distributed fliers, "Just trying to find them was frustrating. I didn't know if they were ok or they got hurt. I did all the legwork."

Bronson chimes in, "I got kinda angry and shocked, I don't understand why someone would steal a horse."

A North Shore rancher found the minis and called Monica to say they were safe, "They are part of the family. When they were gone I didn't realize how much I missed them until they were gone. And when Bronson gets his ponies back,

"Probably ride them, play with them."

Monica was able to go up and visit the miniature horses on the North Shore.

Now she has to pay nearly two hundred dollars to get her horses back.

Meanwhile police investigate why a Deputy Sheriff reportedly took the ponies off the property to the North Shore ranch.