Honokai Hale Residents Go to Plan B to Watch Super Bowl

Mar Apuya
Mar Apuya

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's an unofficial national holiday. Millions across the world tune in the television on Super Bowl Sunday. But many in Leeward Oahu had to make alternate plans for the big game, because of an unexpected power outage.

A spokesperson with Hawaiian Electric says they had extra crews on standby, because they know it is a big day, and they didn't want anyone to be left in the dark.

Hawaiian Electric Company crews work feverishly to fix a broken power pole on Farrington Highway. A car crashed into it, and the guidewire, ripping off the top half of the pole, and knocking out power to close to 700 customers.

"I heard a boom and then the lights suddenly went out," said Mar Apuya. "So I went to the room to get some candles to light it up."

That crash happened just after five in the morning. Power was restored to most.

"I hope it comes on before Super Bowl," said Masa. "Cause there's gonna be a lot of angry people around here."

"I'm very disappointed because we don't know what time the power's coming back, so we're just out of power and we cannot watch nothing," said Janet.

Hawaiian Electric Company officials estimate evening at the earliest, meaning residents may have to go to plan B to watch the game.

"My neighbor just went to Home Depot and rented a generator," said Gregory Gomes.

"I guess we won't be able to watch the Super Bowl, but at least we'll be able to eat," said Kekai Gabriel. "we'll barbeque instead."

"We're just gonna get together, have some food, talk story, see what's going on with each other," said Marti Lynn Boduan.

The broken pole also gives some the perfect excuse not to watch.

"The Super Bowl, yeah, it's something big," said Gomes. "But the St. Louis Rams didn't get in, but it doesn't phase me."

Hawaiian Electric Company officials say power was eventually restored to the remaining 30 customers in Honokai Hale at 6:30 pm Sunday.