Residents Clean Up Mother Nature's Mess

Waiahole Elementary School
Waiahole Elementary School

KAILUA (KHNL) - A break in the windy weather gives many a chance to clean up.

Barreling winds across the state for the past three days have tapered off, but the work hasn't stopped.

The blustery conditions made a mess of things, especially on the Windward side of Oahu.

"There was a gust of wind and it just lifted the roof off," said Jean Davidson, principal at Waiahole Elementary School.

Wednesday's windy weather tore the roof apart. Crews have gathered most of the debris, putting it in large bins. But pieces remain scattered across campus.

"I was really surprised at the damage the wind can do. My first concern was student safety," said Davidson.

Fortunately it happened right after school, so no one was around. But it'll be awhile before kindergarteners and first graders return to the building. School was cancelled Thursday, but will resume Friday.

In Kailua, residents get rid of Mother Nature's mess.

"We already cleaned up the garage. It was like growing a leaf farm in there," said one Kailua woman.

But the Kailua couple is only halfway done. They still need to tackle their backyard.

"We've been cleaning up the leaves, we'll eventually have to take care of this awning and see if its ripped to shreds or not," she said.

Another Kailua resident also spends time, clearing debris off her property, breaking down branches and bagging up trash.

"Picking up what has fallen down just to keep it from running all over the neighborhood," said Gloria Drayton, Kailua resident.

Even though people admit they don't like the extra yard work, they say things could be worse.

"It's better than snow on the Mainland," said a Kailua resident.