Lawmakers Honor Fallon

Mary Fallon
Mary Fallon

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The state Legislature honored one of Hawaii's top military leaders Thursday. Adm. William Fallon is expected to lead the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Members of the state House honored both Fallon and his wife Mary, noting their contributions to the community.

Fallon has been the head of U.S. Pacific Command for two years. Although his new position has not been officially confirmed, Fallon said he believes the Middle East could use some of Hawaii's aloha spirit.

"The example here in hawaii or many peoples of many cultures, ethnic, religious and political backgrounds coming together to live in harmony is something we'd love to see exported to some of these places that we'll probably get to see very soon," Fallon said.

Fallon was in the nation's capitol earlier this week for confirmation hearings before the Senate. He told lawmakers its time for a change in Iraq.

If confirmed, Fallon would become the first Navy admiral to lead the U.S. Central Command.

"I am very proud of what he has been asked to do," Mary Fallon said. "And if confirmed we will just give it our very very best and I stand behind him."

The Fallons said they've enjoyed their time in hawaii and are thinking about retiring in the islands some day.

"The warmth of aloha spirit has just overwhelmed us," Mary Fallon said. "And we have been so taken and appreciative of that spirit. That is something that should be exported to all areas of the world."