Teenaged Good Samaritan Helps Homeless


By Marvin Buenconsejo

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Charles Dickens couldn't have written a better story.

A Honolulu teenager stares at the dilemna of what to do with her modest amount of Christmas gift money: buy something nice for herself or give it the homeless woman, slouching at her feet.

It seems it's only appropriate that this high school senior's name is Angelica. Just two week ago, she had done what so many people would not -- and in fact, did not do.
"I felt really bad, she had no money or anything like that," says Angelica Hutchings.
But first, let's set the table. Angelica describes this past Christmas as, "not the greatest." Money was tight, but in the new year, Angelica's mom gave her some holiday cash to buy one of her favorites;  Japanese Manga books.

It is here where life presented its opportunity: an older, homeless woman, Angelica describes as Polynesian, sat along one the side-streets that feeds Keeaumoku Street.

Dozens of people walked by. At the time, Angelica had ten dollars to her name.

"I felt really guilty and really bad about this lady," says Angelica.  "So, I was walking to Ala Moana Center and I thought I'm going to give her some money"

Angelica lives in a world of silence. Yet, her conscience spoke to her, loud and clear. And her heart listened.

"So, I gave the lady the money and she gave me a hug and that was it," says Angelica.  "There was a major communication barrier.  But, there's always another way to talk to somebody.  We used gestures, expression, body language."
Angelica's mother, Julia Byrne says, it's just cash.

Young Angelica, gave that homeless woman money... and so much more.

''Of all the people when that lady was sitting there, and they're just walking by, and there's a lot of people who have money in that area.  And no one stops and says, Hello," says Byrne.

"And then she comes along, she couldn't talk to her. She didn't care. She stopped.  She visited.  She made the woman feel better.  She listened to her stories.  And then she gave her her Christmas money. So that, for me was really amazing."