Windy Weather Making Noise on Windward Side.

(KHNL) - Along with the howl from gusty winds, another sound is also heard on the Windward side of Oahu.

Saws are buzzing as tree trimmers and residents try to keep up with the branches blown about by the winds.

Leaving some yards covered in leaves and debris.

"The wind has been crazy, i haven't slept in three nights." says Kaneohe resident, Laura Miller.

But its during the day when the most powerful winds blow. Toppling over a big tree onto Mokapu Drive, giving drivers one more things to worry about on the road.

And with winds whipping around, many neighbors remain nervous about more damage or danger from above.

"I'm not walking outside unless I have to. I'm walking on the outside of my driveway cause I have a large banyan tree, beautiful but dangerous." adds Miller.

On Akahai Street, damage from the winds is especially bad. Powerful gusts topple a concrete block wall. Just two houses down, Mele Ameperosa's roof is now in his back yard. It was on his house when he left for work in the morning but strong gusts took care of that.

"I got a call saying half your roof has blown off, then they call me back and say forget it, your whole roof is gone now!" says Ameperosa.

Many are astounded by the power of these gusts, even in areas that are used to the winds. "I've never experienced a windy day like this before, not here." says Enchanted Lake resident, Brian Kamaka.

Leaving some holding onto their belongings as they hold onto hope the winds will die down soon.