Windy Weather Whips Across State

Richard Pole
Richard Pole
Robert Gould
Robert Gould
Harry Kihara
Harry Kihara

KANEOHE(KHNL) - Fierce winds continue to whip across Hawaii.

The weather is causing damage and headaches, mostly on the Windward side of Oahu.

A usually calm Kaneohe Bay turns vicious. High winds form white caps and cause a boat to flip on its side. People scramble to protect their property.

"We were up there this morning with a nail gun trying to nail it down before it went," said Richard Pohle, Kaneohe resident.

He says it didn't work.

"Well the winds knocked down about 25 square feet of shingles," said Pohle.

His neighbor Robert Gould, monitors the winds with his own equipment.

"Since yesterday morning and particularly last night, in the 40-50 mph range," said Gould.

Debris and broken branches litter his yard. That's what many Windward Oahu residents deal with, as the wicked weather attacks homes.

"I was working on the garage. And all of a sudden, everything came down," said Harry Kihara. "Sounded like a thunder."

Fire crews respond, trying to repair the roof.

In Kailua, the winds knock down this tree. Hawaiian Electric crews work to fix the power lines that broke when it fell.

In Waimanalo, HECO workers also try to repair lines near Bellows. Police officers redirect traffic, since part of the road is closed. Windward Oahu residents are doing what they can to battle Mother Nature. They say they've never experienced such ferocious winds.

"This is a mild hurricane as far as I'm concerned," said Pohle.

Residents try to salvage what they can, as they wait out this storm.