Mother Finds Success Online

Jennifer O'Loughlin
Jennifer O'Loughlin

HONOLULU(KHNL) - The game running on Jennifer O'Loughlin's computer screen is called Second Life. She realized a few years ago it could lead to a better life for her family.

"When I was in college I found myself on-line a lot because of my classes," O'Loughlin said. "I found myself wanting to do recreational stuff."

Then she found Second Life. The internet game allows players to log on and live a different life.

"You can be blonde, you can be short, you can be tall, you can be thin, you can be a wizard you can be a wizard, anything," she said.

Players build their own homes in cyberspace using 3-D models. O'Loughlin discovered many were willing to pay for that service.

"It was very young, the population was low and I realized there was quite a big market here, something that could be potentially very big," O'Loughlin said.

She started with a $4,000 welfare grant. Now she sells virtual real estate, homes and everything that goes with them. Last year made more than a quarter million dollars in gross sales.

"I was on state assistance, and I was trying to get some investments because I knew the opportunity was there."

The business lets O'loughlin support her kids and make money doing something they can relate to.

"That's one thing I like," she said. "I can work at home, be with them and play a game."