Homeless Endure Strong Wind, Rain

Isaac Mahelona
Isaac Mahelona

NANAKULI (KHNL) -  A baby rattle attached to an empty wooden crib blows violently in the wind. The homeless family who lived here is gone.

Some tents held up to the storm, and others are hanging on, inches away from taking on water.

"The tent held up and we're still here, said Isaac Mahelona, a Homeless man living on Nanakuli beach. Most of the guys, it knocked the tents down, but ours held up. We did alright."

Some parts of the beach have a natural slope. They acted as a natural barrier to protect homes like Isaacs. Others weren't so fortunate. A few yards away, tents have been decimated.

A few families left during the storm, but most stayed.

"We got to much stuff to move and we ain't got no car and there's no other way we can do it. So we just sit around and pray and hope we don't get washed away," said Mahelona.

Washed away by an even bigger storm.

"As long as we don't have a tsunami, or a tidal wave, then I guess we'll be here," said Mahelona. "And if its going to be bad, I guess we'll break tent and move out, but till then well just hang on."

Isaac's tent stood up to the weather. He's homeless, but he still has his home. People move to the beach after losing their homes, so where will the families who lose their tents go now?