Mother Nature Pounds Windward Side For A Second Day

Warren Marchan
Warren Marchan
Audwin Romualdo
Audwin Romualdo
Lights out in Wilson Tunnel
Lights out in Wilson Tunnel

KANEOHE (KHNL) - Strong winds and rain continue to hamper parts of Windward, Oahu. While power has been restored to most of the area, there are still pockets without electricity. And it's keeping one school and some businesses from going about their day.

Howling winds and pounding rain cripple parts of Windward, Oahu, for a second day.

"This is the worst that ever did happen," said Warren Marchan, who works in Kaneohe.

"This is a really bad one," agreed Audwin Romualdo, who also works in Kaneohe. "This is the worst one I ever saw."

Cars zoom into a dark Wilson Tunnel, illuminated only by tail lights.

Also in the dark: Le Jardin Academy in Kailua. Classes were canceled today, and the school is still without power.

As strong winds and rain hit parts of the Windward side, it also affects local businesses. Without a section of the roof, a stack of lumber at a warehouse is soaked.

"We thought it was thunder or something," said Marchan. "We looked out. The whole roof ripped out from the top."

Employees of Wayne's Lumber in Kaneohe work to salvage the remaining inventory, and remove parts of the damaged roof.

Besides the clean-up, they face other setbacks.

"For today, we have no power so we can't cut, use saw or anything," said Marchan. "There's no light or electricity."

Without power, a radio sits in the shop silent in the midst of the chatter of the rain.

Employees clean up this lumber warehouse, moving forward after Mother Nature's fury.

"We'll just have to do what we can," said Marchan. "Just hope for the best."

Hoping the worst is behind them.

Hawaiian Electric crews are working to restore power to the rest of the Windward side. Le Jardin Academy officials will decide at 5 o'clock Wednesday morning when school will reopen for its students.