Windy Weather Causing Problems On Oahu.

Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez
Mike McKenna
Mike McKenna

(KHNL) - The breezy winds were felt all over, but the gusts were especially strong on the windward side of oahu, leading to more problems for that part of the island.

When windy weather blew through, Windward residents and workers were blown away by the power of the gusts. Which folded back the steel roof of a lumberyard.

"You can see how it is bent there at the top also that beam in the middle, the wind had to be pretty powerful to do that." says Ikaika Heder, of Yamashiro Building Supply.

A short time later, the winds wrecked the wall of another windward business, Lopey's Welding in Kaneohe.

"I was standing on the stairs right there and i was watching it flexing and a strong wind came and blew it right over." says owner, Brian Lopez.

The gusts not only broke branches, sending them across streets, winds also toppled trees, sending landscapers scrambling to save plants pushed over by the gusts.

And kept residents rushing to protect their property.

"Trash cans were going all over the place, along with debris from across the street." says one windward worker.

Even bigger objects were no match for the strong winds, like a huge sign at McKenna motors, that toppled onto three cars, crushing a corolla underneath.

While the windward side has seen gusts before, this was stronger winds than many can remember.

" 3,4 years ago , it took the roof off our center , which had a metal roof. But even that was not as bad as this, this is the worst that i've seen." says Mike McKenna, of McKenna Motors.

Power lines also had problems in the wind and without electricity stop lights were out, slowing traffic. Several stores and businesses were shut down, and hundreds were left in the dark, from the windy weather.