Windy Weather Sweeps Across Hawaii

Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez
Lori Umiamaka
Lori Umiamaka

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Residents throughout the state are dealing with high winds that are barreling across the islands.

Parts of the state have seen gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour.

Residents have been reporting blown roofs, downed poles and power outages.

Lopey's Welding in Kaneohe lost something Monday afternoon, one of its walls.

"I was standing on the stairs right there and I was watching it flexing and a strong wind came and blew it right over," said Brian Lopez, owner.

Luckily, no one was standing where it fell. Security guards will watch the building overnight until this concrete wall is replaced.

"Hopefully it's an easy fix," said Lopez.

That's not the only property damage on Windward Oahu. Fire crews helped Kaneohe resident Lori Umiamaka fix her roof temporarily.

"But when they saw the shingles flying, they went up and duct tape," said Umiamaka.

Windward Oahu is feeling the brunt of the weather. Winds knock down a telephone pole on a house.

"Well I was washing clothes and I noticed the pole was leaning and then it fell when I was coming around the corner," said Tricia Holi, Kaneohe resident.

The winds keep Hawaiian Electric crews busy, restoring power to homes stretching from the North Shore to Leeward Oahu. Utility officials say trees are touching power lines and interrupting service.

The weather's also affecting traffic signals, including the one at Kamehameha and Likelike in Kaneohe. And the winds spread debris all across local roads. But for some people, it's business as usual as they brave the winds. Others aren't as fortunate, and are literally, picking up the pieces.