Ho Hum

It's fascinating to look at the local style philosophy of not making waves, not sticking out and not stepping up.   A friend of mine clued me in. He said how when his generation grew up here, you were to be seen and not heard.   His father's generation did not believe that speaking up too loudly or vociferously was prudent or dignified.

Hence the local way is often to complain amongst the brethren while avoiding the glare and discomfort of the spotlight.   Unfortunately, in the real world sometimes the spotlight is the only place to accomplish what  must be done- when things don't change, when education doesn't get better, when traffic issues arise and frustrate us but then pass quickly without change because nobody takes action.   You think?

It's easier to sit back and complain to friends, co-workers, and family. Going forward takes time and it takes moxie; it takes speaking up and speaking out, and we don't tend to reward that locally. Stay in line, go with the flow, worry about it tomorrow, not my problem, you know the routine. Ok, got it. But maybe this legislative session we can stop the whining and start the winning by taking action, by massing our forces to talk to the people who can impact traffic, who can re-create a better model for educational development in a place with unique problems and issues. Perhaps we can force immediate action to attack homelessness, to suggest where excess tax revenue goes now.

Or else, we can continue to simply complain to each other, which we do quite well, thus ensuring that the powers that be never hear from their bosses- you and I. Think about it...