Plenty To Do

With the words from the governor last week about the state of our state, and with the legislature back in session, the annual game is on to see what truly gets done this year on the government front in Hawaii. Taking care of the homeless, building our educational backbone, handling tax issues for individuals and property owners- these are just some of the issues that need to be not only addressed, but resolved in some way this year.

Maybe giving $ 100 or $ 25 back to people as a one-time rebate is too much. Maybe some of that money could buy books or air-conditioning for under-served schools, food or shelter for the truly needy. Maybe changes in medical insurance will be put in place. A lot of broad themes and issues needing resolution came up in the state of the state speech.

Ask around, people are tired of partisanship locally and nationally, and they should be. It leads to apathy, cynicism, distrust, and more rhetoric. Doing something concrete must be the new reality and mandate, rather than simply pontificating for the media and aspiring suck-ups. We all need words and hope to result in strong action on many fronts this time around. Think about it...