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A Father and Daughter Reunion After 65 Years

Roger Bay Roger Bay
Sherrie Drusbacky Sherrie Drusbacky
Jackie Bay Cadinha Jackie Bay Cadinha

By Beth Hillyer

HONOLULU (KHNL) - She didn't know much more than his name. But by searching the internet Sherry Drusbacky got a lead on her father in Hawaii.  After a few phone calls she found him.

Now, Jackie Bay Cadinha is nervous organizing a reunion this important.  "Today I am the official greeter of aloha to my long lost sister of 65 years."

When her father Roger Bay was just 21 and living in Indiana, he had a daughter.  But the relationship didn't work out and he moved to Hawaii losing all contact with the child. 

"I work for Do Ho, and got a phone call at our office saying I had a long lost sister looking for my dad who is 87.  It was a big surprise and nice surprise."

Now at the airport Roger Bay waits patiently in his wheelchair

Cadinha continues "this is the whole reason she has lived this long and my dad has lived this long because I really believe this is meant to be."

Finally, Sherrie Drusbacky arrives.

He greets his daughter with an enthusiastic "Aloha!"

Sherrie explains it was tough growing up without a dad.  "All my surgeries and all my heartaches had growing up whenever I hurt so bad I'd dream of him and he'd pick me up and carry me away and his face was blank."

Finally a face after all. The resemblance is remarkable.

Family members welcome Sherrie with a hula dance.  They have a lot of catching up to do and Sherry is anxious to meet her new island family.  "Mostly because of him they too love them all and I've never been happier in my whole life."  

As she kisses her father on the check, Sherrie shares her moment with everyone.  "I've never been happier in my whole life."

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