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Recycling Changes May Be Coming

Sylvianne Yee Sylvianne Yee
Ron Menor Ron Menor

By: Darren Pai

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Some people are cashing in on the state's recycling program.

"I got over 32 dollars from just my aluminum cans," said Sylvianne Yee, who visited a redemption center on Beretania Street Thursday.

Each year 900 million beverage containers are sold in Hawaii. Currently consumers recycle bottles and cans at certified redemption centers.

"I try to recycle as much as I can. I recycle all my glass bottles and my plastic things and of course my aluminum cans which I just brought today," Yee said.

One proposal before lawmakers would require stores of more than 5000 square feet that sell beverages to accept containers for redemption. Exceptions would be made for smaller stores.

"The way we're going to increase recycling is to make it more convenient for people to recycle," said state Sen. Ron Menor (D-Mililani.)

A second proposal calls for redemption centers to make payments based on the actual number of containers rather than by weight. In November the state Health Department launched a study to ensure consumers are being properly reimbursed.

"I think the state can look at providing some incentive. But they key is we're not doing enough recycling, we're not doing enough."

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