Hawaii Airports Top List of Biggest Airfare Drops

Zachary, Bryce and Jennifer Green
Zachary, Bryce and Jennifer Green
Daniel Christensen
Daniel Christensen
Julie Christensen
Julie Christensen

HONOLULU (KHNL) - We all know just how expensive traveling can be, especially if you travel by plane. Airfares across the U.S. have been at their highest in more than a decade, but the news isn't all that gloomy if you're traveling to and around our island paradise.

Overall airfare jumped almost eight percent across the country, but it's a different story here. Hawaii airports topped the list for having the biggest airfare drops of anywhere in the U.S., and it's music to many air travelers' ears.

It's that familiar sound of people flocking to our island paradise.

Now they're doing it cheaper than they did a year ago. Hawaii airports top the list for having the biggest airfare drops.

"We think it's a breath of fresh air because we live in the area of Cincinnati which has the highest increase," said Zachary Green, who is visiting with his wife and son.

Cincinnati had the biggest jump in airfares at nearly 25 percent.

On the other end, Lihue Airport on Kauai had the biggest drop, with a 16 percent decrease . Kona was second, and Kahului was third. Honolulu and Denver rounded out the top five.

For the Greens, this was all the incentive they needed to come to Hawaii.

"I really enjoy the islands and for my husband, it takes a little bit more convincing to get here," said Jennifer Green. "So if we can do it more cheaply, we're more likely to come back."

The Christensens are here for the first time, and the airfare drop came at just the right time.

"It's convenient that it happens to be our anniversary this month, it just happens to fall into the perfect time for us to be here," said Daniel Christensen, who is visiting from Phoenix, Arizona.

"We have three children and we left them home for the first time, and we're excited to be around the beautiful scenery and just remember why we fell in love," said Julie Christensen.

Whatever the reason for visiting, travelers say they welcome the extra savings in their pockets.

"The great thing is it gives us more money we can spend on mai tais and other things when we're here on the island because we saved that money on the airfare," said Zachary Green.

Visitors say cheaper airfare is one more on a long list of reasons why they make Hawaii their vacation destination.