Amnesia Patient On Maui Finally Heads Home

Tom Showquist
Tom Showquist

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - The man who walked the Pali is now on a journey home.

The Maui roadside will be without a longtime fixture, one that had been spotted for over a decade.

A man, who would walk these roads, every day, rain or shine for years.

"We met Greg in Lahaina as he was walking by on the highway," says Christy Upham, with the Lahaina Baptist Church.

Greg was spotted again Monday afternoon at the airport, walking away from a life that many could not even imagine.

"Gregory told us he has amnesia , he didn't remember anything, he's been walking up and down the highway for over 10 years not knowing who he was or where he was, just wanting to go home," says Upham.

Greg would have to walk six hours every day to get to Lahaina or Kahului, just to get something to eat, usually from garbage cans. And along the way, many on the roads got used to seeing him.

But because Christy stopped to find out Greg's story and share it with others, now members of the community have embraced the man who walks the Pali.

"So many people have supported Greg and Christy and sent emails and love along with donations for medical expenses and relocation and travel," says Tom Showquist, of Maui.

Now, Greg is leaving.

Back to his family, who had wondered what happened to him so many years ago. But before he leaves, he has a final aloha to share.

"I'm Gregory and I'm going home, bye, Maui its been fun," says the man who walked the Pali.

Greg still has a difficult road of recovery ahead.

While he is healing from the hard physical life on the Pali, he will still have to undergo medical exams and procedures to see if he can regain his missing memory.