A Tadd Happy

Two weeks ago, an international audience fell in love with a wonderful 16-year old- Tadd Fujikawa. Since i know tadd and his family, I was not shocked or surprised by his scores or his demeanor. His temperament, actions, character and quotes showed him to be a human being with wisdom far beyond his 16-years. Of course, Tadd has beaten the odds since his premature birth.

Tadd, his parents, and his grandparents are truly salt- of -the-earth people. That amazing show at the Sony Open was real, all natural, and a great example of the best of what Hawaii has to offer. If someone tried to sell a movie script about the Sony Open saga- local kid currently coaches himself, beats many of the world's best golf pros after he barely beats the odds at birth- you would have said "no way, no one will believe it". Well, this Hollywood story was absolutely real, sports fans, and it has already given us undoubtedly one of the best stories of this year in the first month of the year.

I've golfed with Tadd along with my son, I've joked around with him, and this is one young man who you will most certainly be hearing about again. More chicken skin? more tears? stay tuned... And think about it...