Teens Mourn Mom Killed in Waimanalo Crash

Candace Akau
Candace Akau
Lawrence Akau
Lawrence Akau

By Beth Hillyer

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - For the first time tonight we hear from the teens whose mom Rocky Akau and cousin Michelle Benevedes died in the accident.

Their lives have been turned upside down. But they remain positive because they have each other and memories of their mom and auntie.

How she died is not the way her kids will remember their mom.

Candace Akau explains, "Me and my mom were real close, people used to think we were sisters."

Lawrence Akau and his 16 year-old sister Candace find comfort in happy memories.  Lawrence says, "She had a lot of friends. All she knew how to do was make friends,  she was a big hearted loving woman and I am forever grateful to have a mother like that in my life."

Candace adds,  "She is a very loving person, other people looked up to her as a mom too, not just my brother, lot of kids would call her mom."

This is also where their cousin Michelle Benevedes died.  She had two sons and a daughter.

Friends frequent the roadside memorial. Lawrence explains a woman who hugged him,  "She just came by put a flower there. I don't know her name don't know her but she said knew my mom and my auntie and I feel like she loves them."

The community worries about the five kids left to cope.

Lawrence adds, "My family and my friends are here for my sister and my support and my father here also and my mother I feel she is always with us so."

Still Lawrence want answers, "I just want to know the true story and if any kinda law behind this act of the police chase because I feel my mom and my auntie didn't deserve this."

Emotions run high about the teens in the SUV,  "I keep think to my self i don't know what I'd do if I saw them walking down the street knowing that they the ones who killed my mother." says Lawrence

But now it's time to grieve.

Lawrence says, "I love you mom rest in peace."

Candace adds, "It is really a lot and I'm pretty much taking it easily because my mom always said one day she is not going to be around for us anymore. And we just have to take the knowledge we learned form her, make it into something good, make the best of it.  But I miss her."

The teens placed an ice cold can of Pepsi at the memorial saying it was their mom's and auntie's favorite drink.