State of the State Reaction

House Democratic Representative Maile Shimabukuro
House Democratic Representative Maile Shimabukuro
Carol Anzi
Carol Anzi

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The future begins today. That was the governors message.

"I thought it was actually really good ideas that she had," said  House Democratic Representative Maile Shimabukuro.  "And I definitely want to make sure that the proposal she has in the housing area get a fair hearing."

Affordable housing was a hot issue.

"They've talked to us before and they say they support us," said Carol Anzi, Kukui Gardens Association President.  "If you're going to talk the talk, please walk the walk because we need it. There's 2,500 people that's also going to be homeless and we cant let that happen in Hawaii.  Not only in Kukui gardens, but in the state of Hawaii."

Shifting the focus away from land development was a well received point.

"It is really really critical that we don't pave this entire island," said Shimabukuro.  "What makes Hawaii so special is that we have the largest number of endangered species in the world and our natural beauty is amazing."

Some House Democrats didn't agree with future tax cuts.

"All the tax cuts and particularly the 25-dollars going to people earning 100,000 dollars or more," said Shimabukuro, referring to something she didn't agree with.  "I think for someone making that much money, I don't know that 25 dollars would be very significant to them. So that part I had questions about and whether that money would be better spent helping the neediest of the needy-- the homeless, and those that cant afford even low income housing."

In light of the tax cuts, Shimabakuro says she hopes the Governor will consider a proposal to increase taxes for real estate investors.