Police Make Arrests In Kahala Kidnapping Case

Davin Sabugo
Davin Sabugo

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Dramatic arrests Friday in connection with Tuesday's Kahala kidnappings.

As many were in their apartments settling in for dinner, dozens of armed officers police officers pounded down the door of the suspect's Waipahu hideout.

Police barged into an apartment complex and got who they were looking for.

Witness Davin Sabugo describes the arrest.

"I just heard all noise like all cops, sirens then everybody like oh what happen up there?" he said.

The kids say what happened next, was like right out of a movie.

"Cops went hit door down cops just went in take out guy," said Sabugo.

Word on the street according to Sabugo, "Everyone said that kidnapper of the kid somebody kidnapped one kid."

Earlier Friday afternoon, police say they located the other suspect allegedly stripping a stolen car at this Pearl City house on Kanini Street.

Honolulu Police Spokesman Captain Frank Fujii explains.

"When he saw police, both suspects ran into house barricaded themselves for a few minutes specialized services were able to talk him into surrendering," Captain Fujii said.

They arrested 27 year old Christopher Gallarde for kidnapping, robbery auto theft and gun charges.

Fujii says they found a black handgun in the search.

"Whether or not the handgun that was used in the kidnapping is yet to be determined but it does match the description of the handgun reportedly used," he told us.

Investigators say they broke up the suspect's crime spree.

"Suspect number one, the 27 year old involved in the kidnapping cases, is also a suspect in 2 home invasions in the pearl city area," said Fujii.

Fujii concludes, the community can rest easier with these men in custody.

"We determined both men to be armed and dangerous, so the community safety is alway our top concern," he said.