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Murder Suspect Appears In Court

July 6, 2006: Round Top Drive July 6, 2006: Round Top Drive
July 6, 2006: Round Top Drive July 6, 2006: Round Top Drive

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - We now know more about what police seized from the home of Adam Mau, the man suspected in the Tantalus murders.

Officers seized a room full of notebooks, compact discs and dvd's from the suspect's room.

But his attorney wants them back.

In the days following the Tantalus murders, police got a search warrant and combed through the suspects house. They were looking for evidence related to his mental state or possible plans leading up to the crime.

Under that search warrant officers seized hundreds of photos, cd's and more than a thousand pages of his hand written notes. But his attorney wants the evidence tossed out, saying the search warrant was way too broad.  

"The mere fact that he suffers paranoid schizophrenia coupled with the notebook doesn't tell us there are specific items at his residence that relate to the crimes," says Brooke Hart the suspect's defense attorney. 

Friday the judge put off making a decision on the evidence found in Mau's home until the first week of February.

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