HPU Softball Player Free Pending Outcome Of Drug Case

Randy Oyama
Randy Oyama

(KHNL) -- After spending several nights at the Federal Detention Center, a college athlete accused of drug dealing will now be sleeping in her own bed. Softball standout Kellie Nishikida and her three co-defendants won their bids for freedom Friday.

Krystle Kido with the yellow paper, Jade Dixon in the white jacket, Natasha Hanson with the ponytail, and Kellie Nishikida in the same prison uniform behind them, emerge from the Federal courthouse.

"That's what we wanted to have happen," Randy Oyama, Nishikida's attorney, said. "This is a frightening experience for her."

Nishikida, a Hawaii Pacific University outfielder, is accused of selling Ecstasy to the other three women. Investigators say those women in turn were dealing the drug at Schofield Barracks.

Oyama says it's too early to discuss the team's defense.

"We haven't really gotten the reports yet or anything," he said. "And I couldn't extensively talk to Kellie yet. So I'd rather not address that at this time."

The following are some of the conditions the defendants must abide by. Each was released on a $25,000 signature bond, was ordered to surrender her passport, is prohibited from entering Schofield Barracks, must submit to random drug testing, and will be monitored electronically.

Nishikida is permitted to go on a pre-planned family vacation to Arizona at the end of this month.

"The judge allowed her, because she's traveling with her third party custodian, to go on the trip without the electronic monitoring," Oyama said.

Nishikida's attorney says it's highly unfair how much attention this Ecstasy case is receiving. Even though college athletes may be viewed as public figures, he says this is not the biggest case at Federal Court.

"Obviously, this is going to have a great effect on her family because they love her very much," Oyama said.

The next step is a preliminary hearing, which is scheduled for February 5th.