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Grandma Gets 'Inked'

Lynn Kinney Lynn Kinney
Barbara O'Reilly Barbara O'Reilly
Cary Hart Cary Hart

By Mary Simms

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Lots of celebrities, and more than 250 fans were on hand for the opening of Hart and Huntington's newest location. Fans got a chance to get autographs from their favorite reality TV stars, and one unlikely fan even got "inked."

At 63, Barbara O'reilly isn't who you'd expect to find waiting in line to meet the stars of A&E's reality TV show, "Inked." At 17, Barbara's daughter snuck behind her back to get her first tattoo.

Mom disapproved, so you wouldn't expect to find her at the opening of Waikiki's newest tattoo shop. But, not only did Barbara stand in line to get an autographed photo, she also got an autographed arm.

"Everybody has a stigma about tattoo parlors," said Lynn Kinney, an Investor. "But Cary has taken it to another level."

A level where Barbara O'reilly, a grandmother, feels right at home. Her daughter has three tattoos, but she has none.

"This one here I'm getting for her," said O'reilly. "Just to shock her. She enjoys Hart and Huntington show and she would never believe that I would get a tattoo."

Waikiki has lots of tattoo parlors, so what sets hart and huntington apart?

"I was really adamant about being a comfortable place where first time people could come get tattoos," said founder and motocross celebrity Cary Hart. "It wasn't spooky or scary or people with bad attitudes."

Barbara didn't even flinch as the artwork began.

"Actually its not bad at all. This is wonderful."

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