Hazmat Threat Postpones HPU Softball Player's Bail Hearing

Kellie Nishikida
Kellie Nishikida
Randy Oyama
Randy Oyama

(KHNL) -- A college athlete accused of drug dealing spent another night locked up at the Federal Detention Center. A Hazmat threat at the Federal building forced a delay in softball player Kellie Nishikida's bail hearing Thursday afternoon.

The attorney for Hawaii Pacific University softball standout Kellie Nishikida is prepared to fight for her freedom. But just minutes before her bail hearing is to begin, the defense is thrown a curve ball.

Honolulu firefighters rush to the Federal building, after the FBI receives word of a threatened chemical release. Nishikida's supporters leave the courthouse, after her hearing is postponed.

"Shock," Aaron Lum, defendant's friend, said about the delay. "I was like man, tomorrow I gotta go work. And it was like oh geez."

The all-conference outfielder is accused of being a supplier of the drug Ecstasy. Investigators say she sold pills to three women who were dealing the drug at Schofield Barracks.

"She's sensitive about how, you know, her relatives are thinking and how they feel about her," Randy Oyama, defense attorney, said. "She feels bad about things."

Prosecutors want the 20-year-old to be held without bail, calling her a flight risk and a danger to the community.

"This is the first time she's ever been involved with law enforcement ever," Oyama said. "So it's new to her."

Her status with the Sea Warrior softball squad is uncertain.

"HPU is going to convene a board that handles these kind of matters," Oyama said. "You know, come to some conclusions as to what they're going to do with her, her scholarship and her schooling."

Hazmat crews say they checked the entire Federal building for any sign of chemicals and detected nothing.

Nishikida's detention hearing is now scheduled for Friday morning.