UH Fans Happy with Brennan's Decision

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan
Hong Chen
Hong Chen

Manoa(KHNL) - University of Hawaii football fans are happy to hear that quarterback Colt Brennan has decided to stay for his senior year.

"Ha, sweet!" said one UH student.

They're excited to hear Brennan decided not to go pro.

"I'm glad that Colt's staying. I think it was probably in his best interest and for Hawaii for him to stay," said Brian Aeder, UH student.

"I think he's made a good choice. I think his teammates need him and one more year isn't going to hurt him. If he's really good he'll make it in the NFL anyway," said Hong Chen, UH student.

"If he went pro, he wouldn't have done as good as one more year and then pro, because one more year won't hurt anything," said Paul Samiano, UH fan.

"Coming back, he can probably get bigger and stronger and hopefully get more money in the draft next year," said Aeder.

People say they can't wait to watch him again next season.

"Dynamics. The way it fits into our offense, he's always throwing," said Stephen Kimball, UH student.

"I think his down-to-earth attitude, his willingness to learn. I think he has a good team to support him," said Linda Uegawachi, UH student.

"He's just the man, you see him pumping up the crowd, all you want to do is cheer for him," said Galutau Aga, UH student.

We also asked people what they would've done if they were in Brennan's shoes, and they all said they would've remained at UH. They said the money can wait, and education is more important.