HPU Coach Speaks Out On Player's Arrest

Kellie Nishikida
Kellie Nishikida
Bryan Nakasone
Bryan Nakasone
Nishikida was arrested at Pearl City Wal-Mart
Nishikida was arrested at Pearl City Wal-Mart

(KHNL) - The coach of a Hawaii Pacific University softball star accused of federal drug offenses speaks out about her arrest. He says the allegations against all-conference player Kellie Nishikida have taken a toll on the rest of his team.

HPU softball coach Bryan Nakasone calls Kellie Nishikida one of the more consistent hitters on his team. But federal agents say the all-star outfielder was also out fielding requests for the drug Ecstasy.

"This is the first time ever for us that we're going through this," Nakasone said. "So it's quite a surprise."

Nishikida's teammates passed out missing person fliers after the 20-year-old vanished Sunday.

"The team was very, very concerned, very down, you know, and just wanted to do anything they could to help the family," Nakasone said.

It turns out drug enforcement officers had arrested her in the parking lot of the Pearl City Wal-Mart. She's accused of being an Ecstasy supplier.

"We never suspected anything like this," her coach said.

Nakasone says his players are subject to random drug testing by the NCAA.

"They just tell you they want to drug test some players and then they'll show up at the site and then they'll give you the names," he said. "And you have so many hours to bring them in."

HPU can also order its own tests.

"We do drug test anybody that we suspect has a problem or shows, you know, symptoms of a problem," Nakasone said.

For now, Nakasone is down a key player, as the Sea Warriors prep for the season opener in two weeks.

"Right now, they're very emotional, very concerned," he said.

Nishikida's bail hearing is scheduled for Thursday.