Missing HPU Softball Star Found in Federal Lockup

Kellie Nishikida
Kellie Nishikida

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- They thought their daughter was missing. Now, the parents of an all-star athlete at Hawaii Pacific University are dealing with an unexpected turn of events.

KHNL News 8 has learned softball player Kellie Nishikida has been in federal custody accused of being a supplier of the drug Ecstasy.

From missing person to accused drug dealer, it's been a turbulent ride for Kellie Nishikida and her family.

"It is what it is," Debra Nishikida, suspect's mother, said.

"Had she ever been in trouble before?" this reporter asked.

"Nope," Debra Nishikida said. "I haven't even spoken to her yet so."

The Hawaii Pacific University softball player lit it up during the 2005 season. She was a first-team all-Pacific West selection, who led the Sea Warriors in stolen bases and recorded six straight multiple-hit games.

Her family reporting her missing over the three-day weekend. The 20-year-old was seen leaving a party in Manoa.

On Monday, her car was located in the Pearl City Wal-Mart parking lot. It turns out drug enforcement agents arrested her there. They say they found a plastic bag containing light green pills in Nishikida's car.

According to court documents, when she was being taken into custody, she said "she knew why agents were there, and that the pills in the bag were ecstasy."

Court papers say "Nishikida admitted selling (co-defendant Natasha) Hanson 62 tablets on January 13, 2007, knowing that they would be resold," and that she "also admitted selling (co-defendant Krystle) Kido 50 tablets at the same time, knowing that they would be resold."

HPU athletics officials say the softball team, which was involved in passing out fliers after Nishikida's disappearance, is now in shock. They say they're providing counseling to players who need it.

"We, we do sincerely thank everyone, you know," Debra Nishikida said.

Jade Dixon is the fourth defendant in the case. A detention hearing is scheduled for Thursday.