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What Caused Monday Evening's Traffic Jam?

Joey Mali Joey Mali
Eddy Vegas Eddy Vegas
Gary Moore Gary Moore
Dennis Wong Dennis Wong
Linda Henning Linda Henning

By: Mary Simms

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Most people heard it though the grapevine. The H-1 westbound? Backed up.

"Actually, my friend gave me a heads up and I didn't believe him," said Joey Mali. "And then I got stuck and he made me a believer."

Going from Downtown Honolulu to Pearl City after lunch, a drive would usually take 30 minutes, took more than two hours. Drivers speculated about what caused the delay.

"The onramp was all loaded up and we thought maybe there was an accident," said commuter Gary Moore.

"Someone was supposed to fix something and nobody else knew about it-- seems like it anyway, said commuter Dennis Wong.

One driver who assumed an accident had caused the delay laughed when we told him about the maintenance. No one we talked to actually saw any work being done.

"There's nobody working in that lane and we're all not moving," said Mali.

"All I saw was that the zipper lane was still open, and I didn't see anyone in that lane at all, said commuter Linda Henning. "I didn't see any repair crews."

60 concrete barriers were replaced.

"This is necessary," said Department of Transportation Spokesperson, Scott Ishikawa. "If not, its not going to properly open and shut and you're going to have a stuck zipper one day during the morning rush hour we apologize for what happened yesterday, but we'd rather get the work done and make sure the zipper lane remains operational."

The State will close lanes of the H-1 Freeway six months from now, to once again repair damaged zipper lane barriers.

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