Leeward Drivers Frustrated by Holiday Traffic Jam

Lauren Gongob
Lauren Gongob
Cynthia McCartan
Cynthia McCartan

(KHNL) - While many got a day off from work, on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Leeward drivers didn't get a day off from traffic.

As the speed of cars on the freeway goes down, all the way down to a crawl, the frustration of drivers rises.

"People want to go home and for it to take this long after work, it causes more stress. I think its pretty bad cause people want to go home." says frustrated driver, Lauren Gongob.

What the cause of the slowdown? State crews need the extra travel lanes to replace the zipper lane barriers. About 60 of them have been damaged by cars hitting them over the past 6 months. If they aren't fixed, the zipper could get stuck.

So it's a night of traffic for many Leeward drivers, some are already used to slow downs and even road closures. Already, some are comparing the holiday commute, which stretched for hours, to the September shut down of the freeway after a crane collided with a walkway bridge.

"Its just like the overpass when it was closed" says one driver disgusted with the traffic.

Others are trying not to let a night of traffic ruin a day off from work or school, they made the most of a bad situation on Monday's holiday.

As traffic returns to normal, drivers will have to get ready for more slowdowns in the future.

The state says they will close lanes of the freeway again in six months, on a holiday, to once again repair damaged zipper lane barriers.