Deadly New Year For Elderly Pedestrians On Oahu

Anthony Vea
Anthony Vea
Edith Doctolero
Edith Doctolero

HONOLULU (KHNL)- So far 2007 has been deadly for elderly pedestrians on Oahu. Four have been killed in the first two weeks of this New Year.

A week ago a woman was hit and killed by a taxi cab that ran into her as she waited at a Waikiki bus stop on Kalakaua avenue.

Friday night a man died after being hit by a car while crossing Renton Road in Ewa and Saturday a woman was killed while crossing Young street.

Just today another victim.

The driver of a van hit an 81 year-old woman as she was trying to cross North King Street around noon.

What makes this case especially tragic is that the woman was in a clearly marked crosswalk. And she was just steps away from the sidewalk when she was hit by the van.

The van sits right in the middle of the crosswalk. Anthony Vea witnessed the aftermath,

"Just happened to look, seen elderly man and lady on the ground. The man was alright, the lady they had to pick her up put her on the sidewalk."

Police say the elderly man wasn't hit by the van. Witnesses believe he was her companion.

Vea adds, "I think they were a couple because the elderly man crawled to her tried to wake her up cuz they were together walking."

Traffic investigators say she almost made it but the driver of the van had the green light and hit her in the crosswalk.

Many speculate she didn't have enough time to get across.

Vea concludes, "I heard they was complaining about the traffic lights, heard they go green real fast people gotta dodge cars."

Neighbor Edith Doctolero adds, "I just heard somebody got banged and I wanted to call somebody. This stoplight crosswalk too short light change so fast. If you are a slow walker, those old people can't walk fast they should make it a little bit longer."

Then Edith notices an accident waiting to happen. A woman walks into the middle of the street to flag down a bus, "Oh my gosh she is in the street. You see you see people should remember only cross on the crosswalk."