Victims Talk About Emotional Suffering At Burglar Sentencing

Marlon Galapon
Marlon Galapon

(KHNL) -- Prosecutors say an Oahu man shamelessly exploited his position as a landscaper to scout out homes to break into. On Friday, they asked a judge to drop the hammer on serial burglar Marlon Galapon.

A landscaper convicted of burglarizing half a dozen homes listens, as his victims talk about being violated.

"It was really a terrible, awful, devastating feeling to come home to see that your windows had been broken into," Judy McCoy, victim, said.

"He terrorized our children," Lacy Estrada, victim, said. "He terrorized our children to the extent that our daughter doesn't think of our home as a haven."

Marlon Galapon was out on bail, awaiting sentencing for four of the burglaries, when he tried to break into Kenneth Kawano's house in Mililani.

"He says that he has trouble sleeping at night," Paul Mow, deputy prosecutor, said about Kawano. "He's bothered by sounds that he hears outside of his house."

Prosecutors ask the judge to double the usual 10-year sentence for burglary.

"The best thing that could be for this man is that he gets locked up because if i ever run into him, he's going to wish he was locked up," Daniel Estrada, victim, said.

The defense begs for mercy, saying Galapon wanted money to send to his family back in the Philippines.

"Your honor, I want to ask you if you can please give me one chance to straighten out my life," Galapon said.

The judge rejected the prosecutor's request for a 20-year prison term and refused to give the defendant probation, saying that would minimize the seriousness of his offenses and lead to further suffering for the victims. The judge then sentenced Galapon to 10 years in prison.

"Our lives have really been affected," McCoy said.

The Hawaii parole board will determine how much of the 10 years Galapon must serve before he's eligible for parole.