Hawaii National Guard Not Going

Major General Robert Lee
Major General Robert Lee
Rebecca Aris
Rebecca Aris

(KHNL) - The mood was upbeat among the soldiers we spoke with.

Most have only been back from war just ten months and the thought of going again so soon was overwhelming.

State Adjutant General Robert Lee wanted to put everyone at ease, "The surge in troops to Iraq does not include any of the Hawaii National Guard units."

Also word the length of deployments will be cut.

General Lee adds, "Our soldiers were separated from their families 20 months. The new Secretary of Defense will limit that term to one year "

Under current policy Guard and Reserve members can only be activated once every five years.

General Lee concludes, '"So all in all I think these are very positive measures for Guard and Reserve members. "

Good news for area businesses like the Barbers Point barber shop.

Stylist Rebecca Aris says "It's good for business because families will be happy, they'll have piece of mind, they'll be reunited, they'll come to the shop and this is one of the services we offer."

Aris has lots of regulars she would miss if they were deployed, "At Barbers Point we are a family shop we have more regulars."

At her shop there are happy customers and happy barbers.