Attorneys For Triple Murder Suspect Want Evidence Tossed

Adam Mau
Adam Mau
Police say these notes found in Mau's car show premeditation
Police say these notes found in Mau's car show premeditation

(KHNL) -- A Honolulu police homicide detective finds himself in a courtroom hot seat. He's called to the witness stand to explain why he took the items he took from the home of a triple murder suspect.

Flanked by state sheriffs and a team of private attorneys, a fully-shackled triple murder suspect enters the courtroom. As his lawyers fight to have certain evidence thrown out, Adam Mau appears uninterested.

"If I saw something that indicated that he had planned to go somewhere to do a crime of this nature, I would believe it to be evidence," Det. Roland Takasato, Honolulu Police Department, said.

Homicide Detective Roland Takasato testifies he seized photos, CDs, DVDs and other items from Mau's home, after handwritten notes were recovered from the car Mau was driving the night of the murders. Prosecutors say it's a gameplan that shows premeditation.

"I had specific information in the form of the handwritten notes to indicate that he had been planning and preparing for this attack," Takasato said.

Mau is accused of fatally shooting a cab driver and a Kapahulu couple at a Tantalus lookout last July. He's also charged with tying up three people during a home invasion shortly after.

The notes in part say 'Seize car at Tantalus,' 'Seize house after Tantalus' and 'Time frame for death of taxi driver is at 6:45-7:00 pm.'

Defense attorneys argue the notes show Mau was suffering from a mental disorder. They say they have no issue with them being part of the trial. But they want evidence recovered from Mau's house thrown out, saying the language in the search warrant was overbroad.

"If I believed what I saw was related to the steps leading up to the incident, I would have taken it," Takasato said.

"And if it wasn't, what would you have done?" Clifford Hunt, defense attorney, asked.

"If it wasn't, I would not have taken it," Takasato replied.

The hearing on the defense's motion is scheduled to continue January 19th.