Man Who Stole Dead Dad's Checks Avoids Prison

Clarence Carvalho, Jr.
Clarence Carvalho, Jr.

(KHNL) -- A man who stole money from the government by forging his dead father's retirement checks manages to avoid jail time.

Clarence Carvalho, Jr. appeared in court for his sentencing Wednesday morning. He earlier pleaded no contest to more than a dozen counts of forgery, money laundering and theft.

After his 77-year-old father died in 1998, prosecutors say Carvalho forged 140 retirement and disability checks, and stole about $126,000 from the city and the state.

Prosecutors asked the judge to sentence the 44-year-old to 10 years in prison. But the defense attorney wanted a deferral, saying Carvalho has no prior criminal record and is a former special education student who didn't know what he was doing.

"Sorry to everybody," Carvalho told the court. "And, you know what I mean, sorry it happens and all that. I'm sorry."

The judge rejected both requests and sentenced him to five years probation. Carvalho was also ordered to pay restitution.