HD TV Shoppers Guide

Ed Martinez
Ed Martinez

(KHNL) - Plasma screens. LCD wide screens. When it comes to high definition TV, sometimes you just need to sit down and take a look.

"The pictures are clearer on tv, that's about all I really know," said Wendy Peterson, a customer at the Iwilei Best Buy.

First off, high definition TV's aren't just thin flat panel sets with wide screens.

"HD is probably the best picture quality you can get almost lifelike on your tv set," said Ed Martinez, a home theater expert at Best Buy.

High definition sets can display up to 1080 horizontal lines of resolution. That compares with 480 lines on a standard set. That increase in creates a clearer picture and more dynamic colors.

Expect to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars. However, prices may soon be coming down.

"Prices have been dropping, expect another price drop in another couple months," Martinez said. "it's just the market getting more competitive as more people make them."

"It's very pricey, very pricey," Peterson said. "But I guess they say you get what you pay for."

Just because you have a high definition TV doesn't mean you can plug it in and expect everything to look better.

"You expect from high definition the screen to clearer, the colors to be brighter," Peterson said. "So if you were to plug it in I don't think I would be happy if it was the same."

HIgh definition sets require high definition cable or satellite signals to look their best. You may not see any improvement if you plug a normal signal into a high definition TV.

"For the most part something like this you're going to want to upgrade your service with your cable provider or satellite provider," Martinez said.