Report Spreads Blame for Kaloko Dam Break

(KHNL)- A new report is taking a closer look at the Kaloko dam break that killed seven people on Kaua'i.

An independent investigator released the report today... And is citing several groups for the dam's failure.

The report says it's likely the dam failed by overtopping and the lack of a spillway also contributed to the failure.

The report also says the dam's owner james pflueger, didn't maintain it and the state didn't inspect it, which is what the law requires.

The dam break on march 14th occurred after weeks of heavy rains.

It destroyed property, and killed seven people.

Homeowners and the victims families are suing pflueger, previous landowner c-brewer, county and state governments, as well as the irrigation company.  We'll have more on this story Tonight on KHNL News 8 at Ten.