Smoother Streets in The Works

Ron Wright
Ron Wright

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The year long resurfacing project for parts of Nimitz Highway and Ala Moana Boulevard begins January 9th. Work was supposed to begin last night, but the wet weather caused a delay.

The project will begin at the intersection of Nimitz Highway and Fort Street, and end at Piikoi. There will be some daytime construction, but most of the work will be done overnight between 8 pm and 5 am; a fact that local businesses are very thankful for.

But, how much inconvenience is too much inconvenience? Local businesses know they'll feel the impact.

"Anytime you have traffic delays, or it's a hassle to find parking I think people will go elsewhere, said Ron Wright a Car Dealership Manager. "They'll go where it's a little easier."

"The biggest negative impact is just going to be the inconvenience for everybody," said Carl Brooks a bicycle store employee. "Actually, it's just the inconvenience."

Inconvenient, yes. But, the city says the project is necessary for the more than 80,000 drivers who use this road daily.

"There's gaps that literally, a bike rider's wheel can get sucked into some of the gaps," said Brooks. "You have to be very careful and watch where you're going."

Brooks would know. He rides his bike to work daily.

"It's just so hectic driving into town," said Brooks. "You can get to work a lot faster on a bike than I can in a car. The construction's going to be interesting. And, it will be nice to see what happens as far as people looking for alternative forms of transportation, like bicycles."

By car, bus, or bike; this stretch of Ala Moana Blvd. will eventually be a much smoother ride.