Punaluu Residents Clean Up

Marianne Vaughan
Marianne Vaughan
Dean Hughes
Dean Hughes

PUNALUU (KHNL) - The wet weather on the Windward side of Oahu eased up, giving residents and crews a chance to rest.

But for some, like the Vaughan family in Punaluu, sandbags and water pumps have become a way of life.

"We keep it out just in case there's a bad storm," said Marianne Vaughan, resident.

Their yard sits a little lower than their neighbors, so rainwater usually flows onto their property, just like it did Sunday night.

That's when the Vaughans', like many in the Punaluu area, received a visit from Mother Nature. At the Pokiwai Bridge, neighbors and Honolulu Firefighters shovel sand and debris to clear the stream. State workers continued the work in the morning.

The problem with the bridge and others like it, is even though crews are able to clear the area under the bridge, high tide could bring the sand back and block it again.

That's why state crews spent the day clearing other culverts, like one in Kaaawa.

"It just flooded the houses we have in the back over here. We just had to open up the front and the water did the rest," said Dean Hughes, Hauula Baseyard Supervisor.

Although workers and residents had a small break from the rain, some are still frustrated.

"The main concern is that it's happening repeatedly and people are getting water into their homes," said Suzanne Shepard, resident.

Still, many residents like the Vaughan family, say they'd rather put up with the wet conditions than move somewhere else.