College Sports Costs

How much is a good college football coach worth at a division i-a school these days? a million dollars, $ 2-million? how about $ 4-million?! when you look at what coaches are getting to move teams up or to keep them at the top, the sky's the limit these days. The average division i-a coach's salary is now up to $ 950,000 a year! i guess that means that the June Jones salary issue can finally be put to rest locally- he's a bargain, folks, based on his winning percentage, the school's national image, and the going rate!

I mean if we, in Hawaii, truly want our team to play to win against the Alabamas and USCS of the college football world, then we need to be prepared to pay to have the best leader around to ensure that we are competitive and win some of those games. Ohio state spent $ 102-million on athletics last year. That's five times what UH spends. Florida spent $ 78-million on its intercollegiate athletics programs last year, and UH plays them in football in Gainesville in 2008.

Local fans love to say: bring it on, let's compete with these big dogs. Ok, but let's make sure everyone realizes that there is a price to pay, a big price- and that's why every competitive school needs loyal boosters, willing sponsors, top-notch facilities, and filled stadiums. Or else, you can't often compete. After all, this college sports stuff is really a big business, like it or not. Think about it...