Job Search

There is a bit of a dichotomy that exists in this state, and while i don't know the deep details, it certainly would seem that something is amiss. We have the lowest unemployment rate around, employers are now offering bonuses, hiring customers on the spot, etc., and yet there are still people without jobs probably living on unemployment or some form of state welfare.

Does it behoove some of these people to look for work, or does our system allow people to slip through the cracks, make passive efforts to find work, and continue to get paid not to work? do some people think it is beneath them to seriously pursue some of the available lower paying jobs, based on their pay expectations or some kind of self-esteem issue?

unless there are medical reasons keeping people from working, shouldn't just about every able-bodied and able-minded person be employed in Hawaii these days, since employers simply can't find enough people to fill jobs? i know, it's never that simple, but somewhere in this conundrum lies an answer to fill jobs and help those struggling. Think about it...