Transit System Bill Becomes Law

Mayor Mufi Hannemann signs the Mass Transit Bill Into Law
Mayor Mufi Hannemann signs the Mass Transit Bill Into Law
At the Kapolei Hale
At the Kapolei Hale

(KHNL) - Mayor Mufi Hannemann scribbled his signature and signed into law likely the most important law of his political career.

Oahu's new transit law is officially on the books.

It's much more than building a rail system. It revamps the island's transportation system.

With the stroke of a pen changes on are on the horizon.

An elated Mayor Hannemann says, "There's an official copy."

He calls it a comprehensive plan to re-unite families kept apart by time spent on freeways, "I've always said this is more than a solution to traffic congestion, this is a real opportunity for families to be together. Spend more time in their neighborhoods and their communities."

Bus rider Katherine Victor adds "I think the new transportation system proposed is similar to other major cites."

Will Riley supports rail. "I do think people will ride it definitely."

Rail has been tried and proven all over the world

Mayor Hannemann forecasts, "Future generations are going to thank us and I don't think we have to wait too long if we keep to the timetable

and break ground in 2009."

Riley says, "If it helps that would definitely be a good thing. There is a lot of traffic on this side even for a scooter so if it would help the traffic I think that would be good."

The Mayor offers other transit answers, "The bus system will be enhanced and expanded."

Asato agrees, "I think the bus system needs to be improved a lot maybe that could work out better for us."

Riely wishes, "I just hope traffic gets better, it's really bad."

And the plan takes advantage of our waterways.

Hannemann promises, "We are going to launch this year a ferry system from West Oahu into town. A ferry system that will show what happens when the buses are integrated,"

Bus rider Gary Kanamori comments, " I think the buses are very convenient. The Ferry sounds too old for me. I would just take the bus."

But Lei Asato supports it, "The ferry is such an interesting idea it eliminates road transportation. I could see that working in the future."