Inouye Opposes Troop Build-up In Iraq

Senator Dan Inouye
Senator Dan Inouye

By Darren Pai

(KHNL) - Washington observers expect the President Bush to call for deploying thousands more troops in Baghdad. Senator Dan Inouye said that's the wrong strategy.

"I don't intend to vote to support this large number to add to the troops in Baghdad," Inouye said. "I think it will just exacerbate the bad situation. We should figure out some way to leave that place in honor."

Inouye said he agrees the U.S.military needs to recruit more people. He said he's worried the country won't be able to respond to other crisis situations.

Inouye said the United States has the best equipped, best trained military in history. However when it comes to Iraq, the senator said he's more concerned about what the armed forces can't do.

"We can fly a missile through a window, we're that accurate," Inouye said. "However we're not as good at fixing things."

Fighting in Iraq has claimed at least 3,000 American lives. Inouye said that risk is one reason he opposed the invasion.