Traditional Excuse

A few brushfires, a few minor injuries, a few less emergencies than in years past- hey, it wasn't that bad this year on new year's eve with fireworks and such. And if we keep rolling the dice, it will probably take a massive structural fire or a couple of deaths or lost limbs before someone finally says enough with this nonsense.

Some people truly do a good job of keeping things safe with their December 31st pyrotechnical cravings, while many hide behind the thin veil of tradition and culture to go wild, with aerials and homemade fireworks concoctions. Ok, if we really need to continue this foul-smelling, hard-to-breathe, potentially deadly tradition, let's relegate the shows to supervised safe havens- cement parking lots away from buildings, wide open parks with room to breathe.

If you really must partake for reasons beyond vicarious thrills, let's get it out of the garages and streets and into a controlled area... Before the inevitable tragedy occurs, and the party-popping poopers and naysayers get real vociferous. Is the legislature listening? think about it...